The Raussmüller Organisation fosters understanding of pioneering artistic approaches from the second half of the 20th century, by conserving, researching and exhibiting major works of leading artists and by communicating these works to an international audience through publications and events.

Raussmüller is a private, non-profit organisation that builds upon the cultural achievements of Urs und Christel Raussmüller. Through their activities and institutions, they aim to heighten awareness of the creative principle of art with its creative and social potential. The centre of the Raussmüller Organisation is the Raussmüller Hallen in Basel. Since 2018 the Raussmüller Publications have been continued as Insights.

Raussmüller Insights is a forum for sharing fresh findings from research into artists and works of New Art and for providing an inside view into the activities of the Raussmüller Organisation. Further information can be found at www.raussmueller.org

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