Robert Ryman: On Painting

Robert Ryman: On Painting



Robert Ryman talks about painting. The 1993 film shows him with Urs Raussmüller and his team during the installation of his paintings in the Hallen für Neue Kunst, Schaffhausen. In close collaboration between Ryman and Raussmüller, the second of three successive work presentations is being installed at the site that Raussmüller specifically created for Ryman. Over a period of 31 years, more than 60 paintings by Robert Ryman from 50 creative years could be seen in exemplary installations at the Hallen für Neue Kunst. Each presentation was an essence of the accumulated experience of Ryman and Raussmüller in the production and handling of the works, respectively.

The reason for the installation of Ryman works in 1993 was the retrospective “Robert Ryman” organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Tate Gallery, London. Instead of replacing the loans for this exhibition in the Hallen für Neue Kunst, Raussmüller and Ryman created a further holistic experience of Ryman’s painting with partly new works. The video shows an excerpt from a film that documents the consistency and scope of Ryman’s approach. The film was made with the support of Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau and was realized by Friedrich Kappeler and Marco Läuchli.

“On Painting” was published in the catalogue “Robert Ryman” (1991) as the first published talk by the artist on his own work. Find the catalogue in the Raussmüller webshop.