Mario Merz
Jürgen Buchinger at Raussmüller



In the context of the Raussmüller Collection Mario Merz (1925–2003) is represented by a remarkable group of powerful works that often fill entire rooms. In their great variety of individual forms they reflect the artist’s holistic world view. Starting from the – all-underlying – ordering principles of nature, Merz lends form to their timeless laws in richly imaginative pictures and installations. In the present video, Jürgen Buchinger has recorded his view of the Mario Merz installation in the Raussmüller Hallen Basel with a specific emphpasis on the works’ close connection to the surrounding space.

In order to convey the complexity and creative wealth of the artist’s works, Raussmüller Collection has issued a special Mario Merz Series of publications. Find there, from the same author: Mario Merz: Senza titolo (Coccodrillo).