“As Much Phantasy as Possible”

by Christel Sauer

The present is the true stage on which his manifold references to existential relationships take shape. “Art is familiar with the commonplace and knows its value as an immense store of material…” Christel Sauer about an extraordinary work by Mario Merz

Architettura fondata dal tempo – architettura sfondata dal tempo, 1977

by Christel Sauer

Mario Merz’s architectural structure made of glass, stone, metal, a wine bottle, a spotlight and a fluorescent tube combines the basic aspects of life: space, light and time. After it was given a permanent place for 30 years in the Hallen für Neue Kunst, where it was installed by the artist in 1984, an additional aspect was added to the work: the dimension of time. [more]

Space and Time for New Art

The Hallen für Neue Kunst
von Christel Sauer

The Hallen für Neue Kunst – the name, which means “Halls for New Art”, speaks for itself – was born out of a firm belief in an art that is direct and not fictive. The understanding of the works as facts was the premise underpinning the design of the institution. Everything was to be able to be what it is: the art, the space, the light, and not least the visitors. [more]