Sol LeWitt and the Hallen für Neue Kunst, Schaffhausen

by Christel Sauer and Urs Raussmüller

The initiators of LeWitt’s complex and long-term installation in the Hallen für Neue Kunst, Schaffhausen, share their experience of the artist’s wall drawings and sculptures over time. From a personal point of view, they describe the impact of the works and the significance of the artist. Their account, a tribute by committed participants, appears here in the original English version. [more]

InK. Halle für internationale neue Kunst

by Christel Sauer

In 1978, Urs Raussmüller opened “InK. Halle für internationale neue Kunst” in Zurich, realizing a groundbreaking art support concept: artists were invited to create or present new works and were given space, assistance and a remuneration. The gallery was simultaneously a studio and a meeting point, the site of exhibitions and artistic actions. A lively, creative atmosphere prevailed; the artists were inspired and the viewers curious. [more]