Space and Time for New Art

The Hallen für Neue Kunst
von Christel Sauer

The Hallen für Neue Kunst – the name, which means “Halls for New Art”, speaks for itself – was born out of a firm belief in an art that is direct and not fictive. The understanding of the works as facts was the premise underpinning the design of the institution. Everything was to be able to be what it is: the art, the space, the light, and not least the visitors. [more]

InK. Halle für internationale neue Kunst

by Christel Sauer

In 1978, Urs Raussmüller opened “InK. Halle für internationale neue Kunst” in Zurich, realizing a groundbreaking art support concept: artists were invited to create or present new works and were given space, assistance and a remuneration. The gallery was simultaneously a studio and a meeting point, the site of exhibitions and artistic actions. A lively, creative atmosphere prevailed; the artists were inspired and the viewers curious. [more]